Tuesday, June 8, 2010

20th Birthday Haul!

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes! xoxoxo
I am NOT bragging in this video, it was requested for me to do this! :)

Sister got me..
¤Playboy Bunny pink and black pillow

Bestie Danielle got me..
¤Colorful leopard purse from spring!
¤LA Colors diamond shine lipgloss - Luminous lilac
¤Del Sol nail polish - Superhero
¤Love & Beauty bright pink nail polish
¤OPI Nail polish (Shrek collection) - Funky Dunkey
¤Love & Beauty 12 eyeshadow palette
¤LA colors eyeshadow palette - Tease

My Boyfriend got me..
¤MAC Gift Certificate
¤Wet n' wild eyeshadow - Envy
¤Hello Kitty Flavored lip palette
¤Pink Sugarkiss mirror
¤Sugarkiss heart lip tint - Hot pink
¤Sugarkiss Super glossy lipshine - Starlit
¤Sugarkiss Hyper shiny gloss - Cora
¤Sugarkiss Glitter lipglaze - glitter swirl
¤Sugarkiss Lipliner lip pencils - Natural
¤Sugarkiss Daring mascara duo - Midnight
¤Sugarkiss Shimmer eye dust - Ice skate
¤Sugarkiss sparkle eyeshadow - Blink

Parents got me..
¤The invasion DVD
¤Mean Girls DVD
¤Wet n' wild nail polish(wild shine collection) - Tickled pink
¤Wet n' wild nail polish(wild shine collection) - Rain check
¤Wet n' wild nail polish(wild shine collection) - Sparkled
¤NYC nail polish - East village
¤Revlon nail polish - posh pink
¤China glaze (Up and away collection)- Re-fresh mint
¤China glaze (Up and away collection)- Peachy keen
¤Black and pink Juicy couture purse!!!!!!!!!!


  1. So cute! I need to go shopping! lol

  2. omg I love that purse! Where can I get something similar?